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The Gameday Cup

Competitive matches are critical to the growth and development of the footballing ability. While match scenarios are constantly created within our academies and competitive matches organised between our academies and others, we believe it is important for players to diversify their competitive experiences while playing in a fair and professional environment.

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5 - a - side Tournament

Technical development in terms of footballing ability is key to improving the individual skills of a footballer. With five outfield players ball control, dribbling technique and passing vision are heavily weighted to achieving success creating a large emphasis on technical football ability.

Open For All

Our tournaments are open to participants across academies or schools. This ensure that our events comprise of different players and teams every month increasing the diversity of competition. It also allows you the freedom to choose your team that would give you the best chance to field a side you feel is most capable of achieving success.

Competitive and Engaging

Our events are designed to provide the children the feel of competing in events on a regular basis, that enables them to perform better under pressure over a period of time. The events are designed to replicate the feel of a professional tournament while remaining friendly, fun and engaging for participants.

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