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Frequently Asked Questions

“ A lot of football success is in the mind. You must believe you are the best and then
make sure that you are.”

- Bill Shankly

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    What should my child carry to participate in the football program?

    Your child should wear suitable clothing and footwear to participate in the program. Ideally, the Academy jersey and shorts that are provided. In addition soccer shoes, shin guards and a water bottle are very important. In summer, sun screen is a good idea to wear before the session.
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    I just registered for the program, what happens next?

    Once you register for the program here, our staff will reach out to via mail or phone to confirm your registration and share information on how the fees can be paid. You may directly reach out to us at or call 97569 48718 / 95912 69265 / 9620980000.
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    What should I expect from the program?

    The Gameday Academy will provide a fun and safe environment for your child to learn and practice sport. We take a positive approach to learning and ensure the children are provided feedback in a manner that builds their desire to be good at sport across all age and skill levels
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    What type of awards and certification are given as part of the program?

    Every child receives a participation certificate award. In addition, children can receive awards for Best Sportsmanship as well as Most Valuable Player award as decided by the coaches. We also organise matches on gamedays during which children can win medals and trophies.
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    Is transportation provided to the sessions?

    Transportation is not available to the sessions. In the interest of child safety, it is recommended that your child is accompanied by a parent/guardian to and from the session.
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    What if my child is a beginner to sports programs or is just starting to learn the sport?

    Our programs cater to children across all skill levels. It is common to have beginners in every program and we ensure that every child learns the sport and gets enough touches on the ball. By placing the children in smaller groups during practice we ensure every child irrespective of their expertise level
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    How do I pay the fees for the program?

    Fees for the program may be paid via cheque, cash or online transfer. A seat is only confirmed upon receipt of the fees and must be paid in full in advance of joining the program. Please mail us to find out online payment details.
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    What are Term dates?

    We operate on a rolling Term basis. This means that your child will receive 20 sessions of training from his/her start date irrespective of when they join the program.
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    Can girls join the program?

    We would love to have more girls in the program. Soccer is one of the fastest growing sports for girls to play and is extremely exciting. If we have enough girls, we will develop girl-specific batches and teams.
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    Can I try out the program before joining?

    Absolutely. You may join for 1 free training session to see if your child would like to do this long term. We understand children can change their minds and it is important for them (and you) to try it out first. You still have to register for the program and when we contact you, please let us know that you would first like a trial class.
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    In case my child misses certain classes, is it compensated/made up for?

    Every child is entitled to 2 make-up sessions each term, provided the parent drops the Gameday Team an email informing the same, prior to the start of that particular coaching session.
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    What if my child has a prolonged illness/injury sustained on the football pitch?

    In case the child is unable to attend coaching due to injury or illness for a month and over, we will make exceptions on a case by case basis to compensate the same, provided we are informed prior to him/her missing the sessions and produced the medical certificate upon his/her return to training.
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    What if we are travelling on a long vacation?

    Make-up sessions for summer vacations or any holidays exceeding 2 weeks will be given provided we are informed of the same at the start of the child’s term in the program.