Football Training for children& Beginners in Sarjapur


October 30, 2014

In yet another sign of our ever shrinking world, last month a legendary footballer from Portugal came over 9000 kilometres to Bangalore to launch a football academy for a French football club owned by a Sheikh in Qatar.

June 06, 2014

The latest news has the Indian Super League kicking off in October for 3 months with the likes of Freddie Ljungberg, Robert Pires and Luis Garcia making headlines with their commitments. The ISL organizers have done a fantastic job roping in these former superstars,

July 29, 2014

A major newsworthy event outside of the Commonwealth Games happened in Indian sport this month and it took place in the sport of Basketball. China may have effectively destroyed most arguments that our economy would grow faster than theirs over the last 10 years,

July 24, 2014

Yes, Canada's population is only about the size of Orissa's (about 35 million or so) and it is tad bit colder which makes most sports, which are generally outdoor affairs, more difficult to master but in our success-starved cabinet of sporting accomplishments we need to celebrate every small victory we can! In fact,