Football Training for children& Beginners

About Us

Why Us

  • First Academy in India with partnerships with multiple international clubs to develop players and coaches
  • Best players from the Gameday Academy will have the opportunity to train with other children around the world their age and develop their skills
  • Actual youth team coaches from the international clubs will visit Bangalore to provide direct feedback to your child to aid their progression
  • Curriculum and methodology is based on the most current teaching techniques from around the world and adapted to India
  • Progression through the Academy is clear with children progressing from Beginner - Intermediate - Elite - Academy teams through the course of their development with program curriculum, training schedules and matches being scheduled based on the level of the child
  • Licensed International and experienced Indian coaches will impart the coaching to your children as part of a structured program
  • Regular matches organised in a structured and systematic way - internal games, intra-academy tournaments, external friendlies and tournament participation will happen on a regular basis
  • Partnerships with local professional clubs such as Bengalure FC and Ozone FC to play games with a number of students going on to play for those teams across age levels
  • Regular assessments and feedback provided to parents and children every term through a reporting and grading system developed exclusively for the Gameday Academy students at every level
  • 7-a-side fields used for training to provide children with more space to play and learn
  • Boys and girls from ages 5-16 can be trained at any of our Academy locations

Coaching Philosophy

Gameday Academy coaches look to achieve the goals through following these key guidelines :

  Simplicity :

Each session is focused on progressing 1 key football skill, while maintaining game realism

  Positivity :

Feedback is used to encourage finding the best way to succeed, rather than identifying mistakes

  Reinforcement :

Appreciation for when required skills, decisions and behaviours are executed

We help develop a player’s football skills through learning and practicing :

Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental movement skills are the foundation for players’ physical development which include the ability to run, jump, and change direction. Our main focus for physical development is body control which consists of :

  Speed & Agility

  Balance & co-ordination

Technical Skills

Our technical curriculum ensures the opportunity for improvement in key technical football skills through both unopposed and opposed learning focusing on both consistent quality and adaptability in high pressure situations. Within a 6 week cycle, each player will have two sessions dedicated to improving :

  Creating space and receiving

  Dribbling skills

  Passing ability

  Shooting on goal

  Defending skills

  Match application

Tactical Knowledge

Tactical knowledge improves application of technical skills into a match situation, this includes individual decisions making such as which technique to use and when to use it, as well as knowing formations and positional roles and how to use these to execute a style of play or game plan.


Our teams look to play using simple and effective application of the key football skills learnt in sessions, while exhibiting the essential mental abilities of the typical Gameday Academy player.

“Football is a simple game based on the giving and taking of passes, of controlling the ball and of making yourself available to receive a pass.”

- Bill Shankly, Fmr Liverpool Manager

In addition, our teams will attempt to uphold the fundamental principles of a football match, where we look to typically exemplify a style of football which is :

POSSSESSION BASED : If our team has the ball, we want to keep the ball and use it with positive intent.

FOCUSSED ON BALL RECOVERY : If our team doesn’t have the ball, we want to get the ball back as quickly and effectively as possible.

  • The Player

    The Gameday Academy player is:

    • A footballer exemplifying passion by practicing skills consistently, watching and studying favourite players and teams, and attending each session with an enthusiasm to play and learn by being coachable and hard working.

    How We Develop ?

    The Gameday Academy Session

    Each Gameday Academy coach will follow a session structure which enables our players to develop the Academy key values and skills in a variety of scenarios, spend time improving physical skills, and enjoying vital match time. A 60 minute session include:
    Warm up/Movement skills (15 minutes) – To prepare the player for the session ahead, using fun tag games or footwork drills to improve agility, balance and coordination.

      Technical practice 1 (15 minutes) - Introduction to key skill for the session.

      Technical practice 2 (15 minutes) - Second practice used to progress initial practice throughadding variety,or tactical application.

      Theme/Regular match (15 minutes) - A chance for players to practice their improved skills within a match, additional rules may be used to increase opportunity to use key skills.